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The Beck Diet Solution

The Beck Diet Solution
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Author/Translator/Contributor: Judith S. Beck
Number of Pages: 288
Publisher: Oxmoor House
Year: 2007
ISBN: 9780848731731
Binding: Hardcover

The Beck Diet Solution is the Missing Ingredient in Weight Loss

• Lose weight with confidence and keep it off for a lifetime!
• Battle your sabotaging habits!
• Resist tempting food - even if it's right in front of you!
• Confidently say, "No, thank you" to food pushers!
• Put an end to emotional eating!
• Confidently say, "No, thank you" to food pushers!
• Conquer every excuse you've ever used to overeat, binge, or backslide!

Any sensible diet will help you lose weight, but the challenge for 90% of Americans is actually staying on the diet they choose. Enter Dr. Judith Beck and The Beck Diet Solution. Dr. Beck, one of the foremost authorities in the field of Cognitive Therapy, has created a six-week plan that will help people stick with their diet, lose weight with confidence, and keep weight off for a lifetime. This program is not only based on the author's personal success and on her success with her many clients, but also on published research. It all starts with how you think. With other programs, you think about nothing but food: counting, weighing, and worst of all, food you can't have. This way of thinking inevitably contributes to diet failure. The Beck Diet Solution is the only program that helps dieters use Cognitive Therapy methods--scientifically proven over 20 years--to forever change those treacherous thought patterns that lead to overeating, cheating, excuses, and other dieting downfalls.

This breakthrough six-week plan assures success by helping you assess the advantages of weight loss, pick a sensible diet and exercise program, set a goal, line up support, and prepare your environment--all this before starting any diet. This unique approach is key to preventing the downfalls that so often lead to failure.

A new task is presented each day to build psychological skills to deal with the challenges of hunger and craving, overeating, alcohol, eating out, special occasions, vacations, stress, and much more. Healthy habits are established with to-do lists, reasons and ways to do the tasks, and how to deal with negative thoughts. One day a week is designated to "Take a Breather."

Easy-to-use, flexible, and proven tools are found throughout the program, including daily goals; weekly planner pages; and motivational coping cards for handling time/energy hurdles, eating out, and other high-risk situations.

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