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Skating Shoes SK-5 - Energy

Skating Shoes  SK-5 - Energy
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Taxiing should wear adequate protective gear (such as supports, elbow pads, knee pads, helmets)

The age of five or less children should be dropped in the adult guardianship line.Often within a set of shoes, take out the washing, can be anti-odor and prevent bacterial growth.Often swap left and right sides of the wheel, will make inline skates wheels more durable.To avoid rough road glide wheels and bearings can prolong life.Do not replace the individual wheel or bearing, this will reduce the sliding stability, Should be in a safe, legal venue for taxiing.Should be avoided in the vehicles and people and more venues or taxiing at night.Should be avoided where water, oil or non-flat space on the slide‎‎


• ‎Upper : Breathable Mesh Comfort Upper Full Of Soft

• Extra-thick Lining

• Wearing Comfort‎

• Buckle The Introduction Of New International Security Pairs Of Insurance Technology And Elastic Devices To Provide An Excellent Set Of Security Guarantees Shoes

• Material : Plastic - Nylon - Elastic

Available Sizes :

• Small : 31-34 Yards

• Medium : 35-38 Yards

• Large : 39-42 Yards

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