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Advertising Media Planning, Sixth Edition

Advertising Media Planning, Sixth Edition
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Author/Translator/Contributor: Jack Z. Sissors/Roger Baron
Number of Pages: 445
Publisher: Mcgraw-Hill Contemporary
Year: 2002
ISBN: 9780844215631
Binding: Hardcover
Edition: 4

Discussions of media planning as the 'noncreative' side of advertising miss the boat entirely. A successful media plan requires creative decisions on media, time frames, dollar distribution, and more. In addition to having in-depth knowledge of available media resources, the best media planners must also be strategic experts in marketing, advertising, research, and finance.
Through five previous editions, Advertising Media Planning has proven to be essential to the success of both practicing and aspiring media planners. Now in its landmark sixth edition, it continues to provide insightful and fundamental coverage of media plan construction, reach and continuity measurement, and more, along with timely updates that include:
'The latest in academic research and professional best practices
'An all-new hypothetical media plan, providing a top-down perspective on real-world media planning
'Illustrative examples of the Internet and other new media integrated throughout the text
Advertising Media Planning explains the complexities of planning in a fast-moving, noncomplex style. As we enter the new century of transformed advertising techniques and marketing challenges, this all-inclusive yet highly readable reference an artful blend of long-standing fundamentals and the latest tools and approaches remains the one must-have resource for anyone interested in creative, results-based media planning and buying.

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