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Knit This Doll!

Knit This Doll!
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Author/Translator/Contributor: Moulton, Nicki
Number of Pages: 160
Publisher: Wiley
Binding: Paperback

Discover the most adventurous way to knit dolls

Amigurumi is the Japanese hobby of creating dolls and anthropomorphic stuffed animals with an anime aesthetic. Long popular in Asia, amigurumi are on an upward trajectory in the U.S. as more crafters discover this unique form of artwork

Now, two great hobbies-amigurumi and knitting-come together brilliantly in Knit This Doll! Adventurous knitters of all skill levels can test their own creativity as they work their way through menus of options to create truly one-of-a-kind dolls. Each step of the way knitters by selecting skin tones, hair styles, various attributes and even making removable shoes, sweaters, hats, skirts, jeans, and more

Combines knitting with the Japanese hobby amigurumi

Basic pattern for a large, 15-inch doll, with a range of detail options and accessories to make countless combinations of original dolls. No two will be alike!

Illustrated, step-by-step instructions included throughout

Can you think of a more original way to knit? Grab your knitting needles, unleash your imagination, and get ready to Knit This Doll!Sample Pattern: Military Doll (Click image to view pattern)

Military Doll Pattern

(Click to view pattern)

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