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Enercell® 1.2V/2500mAh NI-MH "AA" Rechargeable Batteries 4-Pack - RadioShack

Enercell® 1.2V/2500mAh NI-MH "AA" Rechargeable Batteries 4-Pack - RadioShack
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Go green with Enercell.

These Enercell Ni-MH "AA" batteries save you money and they're better for the environment. They last longer in high-drain devices like digital cameras and you can use them over and over just by recharging them. Eliminate the need to constantly purchase alkaline batteries and save some bucks as well as reduce unnecessary battery disposal.

• Deliver 1.2 volts with a robust capacity of 2500mAh
• Fits devices that use "AA" batteries

Technical Specifications

• Battery Features

- Chemistry : Ni-MH
- Size : AA
- Capacity : 2500 mAh
- Voltage : 1.2 Volts
- Rechargeable : Yes
- Equivalent to : Olympus B-01/4PE, Battery-Biz B-162, BatteryValues B-162, DSMiller B-162, Hi-Capacity B-162, US Power BBB1002, Panasonic HHR-3EPA/4B, Canon NB4-100, Canon NB4-200, Sharp PRO1020, Lenmar PRO415, Sharp PRO415-23, Sanyo HR-3U, Casio FR6, Aiptek DV5100M, Aiptek Fidelity DV3100, Aiptek iCam, Aiptek IS-DV2, Lenmar PRO2025, PRO827,R2GAA8 ,PRO415B, Dantona SS-2P, SS-1P, RadioShack 23-528,2300528,2300760,23-760

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