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Auto Standard Feeding Bottle - 240ml - ku-ku

Auto Standard Feeding Bottle - 240ml - ku-ku
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When your baby starts to sit up and crawl at six or seven months, he wants to hold the bottle as well. The automatic KU.KU Duckbill bottle helps prevent spitting up, gulping milk or air by reducing air intake. Mothers also save time with this practical product. The unique dual round hole design stops water from flowing out of bottle when the middle cap is opened. Give your baby the most pleasant experience at feeding time.
The guide tube helps direct the air to the bottom of the bottle to reduce air intake and prevent your baby from spitting up, gulping milk or air or barotitis caused by vacuum inside bottle. The nipple that mirrors mother's breast further gives your baby a familiar sense of feel resembling to the mother's breasts.
Ultrasoft nipple that mirrors mother's breasts The nipple is made of heat resistant silicone and certified by SGS. The patented nipple is soft .The ring helps to remove tongue moss.The grain & petad configured design to pacify & massge the baby's gum. Heat resistant material Meeting rigorous standards required by the US Food and Drug. Administration(FDA), the bottle is made of heat resistant PC . Made with advanced blowing technology, there is no any seam to catch milk scum and is thicker than a regular one to add strength. Safe ink
The product printing uses safe and non-toxic ink for printing on food products. There is no need to worry.

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