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Amplified AM/FM Antenna 15-1859 - RadioShack

Amplified AM/FM Antenna 15-1859 - RadioShack
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SKU: RS_15-1859
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Warranty: 3 Months

Reception at its greatest

The High-Gain Amplified AM/FM Antenna is engineered to deliver superb AM/FM reception. It's stylish and it allows you to hear fringe stations more clearly. Even the weakest of FM signals are increased in strength because of the built-in low noise, high-gain amplifier. The results from this dramatically improve signal reception while reducing unwanted noise. This antenna features adjustable gain control with lighted indicator for boosting weak signals and reducing feedback from strong stations. Most of all, you can listen to your favorite radio stations through your home stereo or A/V receiver.

• Boosts weak signals and reduces feedback from strong signals
• Complements any decor

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