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2-Stage Music Toothbrush KU1054 - ku-ku

2-Stage Music Toothbrush KU1054 - ku-ku
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When the baby is four months old and starts to eat sub-food, the mouth will produce acid chemical to cause gravity. The parent have to choose suitable cleaning products for the baby. The KU.KU Duckbill two stage of music toothbrush can accord to the childred growing proccess to use different sage of front brush altematively. In order to make the baby to enjoys the brushing. As long as the baby brush the teeth, the music will come out. If the baby stop brushing, the music will stop automatically.


• According to children growing process to use two different stages of front brush altematively.
• First stage:We use TPR food-safety material to make the front brush while baby is 8-12 months.
• Second stage:We use Dupont soft brush hair to make the front brush without hurting gums while children is 1-10 years old.
• As long as brushing the teeth, you will hear the music and if you stop brushing, the music stops automatically.

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